About Blood Sugar and THBA

Our Lead Product: THBA

Glycemicon’s lead substance, THBA, is a type of bile acid that is naturally occurring. It modifies body fat tissue, making it more efficient in decreasing elevated blood sugar levels – the key benefit for people with prediabetes and diabetes.

Source: WHO/CDC

Glycemicon`s first product improves the body fat functionality to combat elevated blood sugar levels, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Overweight and obesity are closely related to diabetes as evidenced by 80-85% of diabetics being overweight (Source: WHO/CDC). Being overweight gradually causes the body to lose its responsiveness to insulin, the hormone that mediates efficient blood glucose uptake into cells. A reason for this is that the storage capacity of the existing fat cells has been exhausted, resulting in reduced absorption of glucose and increased the release of fatty acids. This correlates with a continuous decline of the body`s ability to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

THBA promotes the formation of new fat cells.

THBA changes the architecture of body fat tissue promotes the formation of new fat cells: THBA drives the formation of smaller fat cells and decreases the overall fat cell size in the body fat. This significantly improves the effectiveness of nutrient storage, increases insulin sensitivity and enables better control of blood sugar levels. Our aim is therefore to promote healthy fat and normal blood glucose by sustainably improving the functionality of the body fat tissue.

THBA improves the functionality of the body fat tissue

THBA as Nutraceutical

Given THBA’s natural occurrence in food and its very favorable risk-benefit profile, Glycemicon will develop THBA as a nutraceutical.

Because of the lack of efficacious and safe products for the management of prediabetes, prediabetic people represent a highly interesting target group for THBA. Due to the mode of action of THBA and its excellent safety profile, THBA might also be interesting for juveniles with prediabetes or early stage diabetes.

For diabetic patients, we envision a nutraceutical product to be co-administered with current anti-diabetic drugs.

In addition to human use, the active compound THBA represents a very promising way to manage type 2 diabetes in pets, in particular in cats.

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